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Star is Born: Dollard teenager Jordyn Sugar releases her first single

Updated: May 17, 2023

It is always inspiring to meet young musical talents in our community. With that in mind let me introduce you to Dollard des Ormeaux’s Jordyn Sugar, who has just released her first single called Leaves Me. She has already attracted the attention of high profile talent manager Vito Luprano and voice coach Nancy Martinez, a noted recording artist here as well. Luprano represented superstar Celine Dion and at one time served as senior vice president of Sony Music Canada.

Presently studying business management and marketing at Dawson College, Jordyn is inspired by her mom Erica Freeman and dad Jamie Sugar. It was Luprano via his Lupo One Productions label who presented Jordyn with the original song Leaves Me. “It was written by two European writers and they did so with me in mind,” she says. “I instantly fell in love with the song. It took me about a half an hour to learn the first song and six hours to record it. I love the melody and the catchiness.”

Always spotted wearing her trademark tuque, Jordyn has over 100,000 followers on TikTok. In the summer of 2020 she got a major compliment when Justin Bieber posted one of her videos on his Instagram account. “This gave me the confidence I needed, as well as the reassurance that I was on the right track and that singing is more than just a hobby. It was at this point I knew I needed to start pursuing a career with it,” she said. “I will be forever grateful for Justin Bieber’s post. It was a defining moment for me.”

Jordyn says she has always had a passion for music and drumming represented her first foray into the field. She started singing at the age of 13. “My ultimate goal in life is to become one of the best-selling artists and to encourage others to follow their dreams,” she says.

As for mom Erica, she says that all of the family members are aboard to help Jordyn pursue this dream. “The sky is the limit,” she says. “I’m her number one fan and I will continue to guide her and be there for her. I just keep telling her to always stay true to herself and to work as hard as she can to achieve her dreams no matter how big or small.”

You can see her a video and a special message to Suburban readers on our new website. Catch her on YouTube:


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