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Fool Of Me now available on all streaming platforms

Updated: Mar 21

Jordyn Sugar’s Fool of Me marks an awakening for the Artist. Not a romantic awakening, an experience covered by many past and present singers and songwriters, but rather an awakening to the cruelties of life. While her last song Stranger explored similar themes, including, betrayal, disloyalty, and an inability to forgive her transgressor, Fool of Me takes it to a new level. This is not your typical breakup song. Inspired by unrequited love between Jordyn and a friend, and the inevitable coupling of that friend with another person in her inner circle, Fool of Me allowed Jordyn to take her singing and song writing to places she had never been. While her latest song illustrates her maturity, she still presents the same qualities inherent in her prior work. Jordyn’s beautiful mix of strength and vulnerability is a trademark of all her work. In its essence, Fool of Me allows her to grow without leaving all the great elements of her burgeoning catalogue of Pop Gems.

It's no surprise that Jordyn began her career as a percussionist, picking up the drums at age 3. Her skills as a multi-instrumentalist gives a depth to her writing that you don’t often see. She can marry the power of the drum, with the eloquence of the piano. The odyssey she takes you on in Fool of Me will resonate with anyone who has suffered betrayal and public and/or personal shame, themes that many people can relate to. The bridge, which was the inspiration for the song, is remnant of some classic power ballads. Inspired by many styles of music and musicians, Jordyn is a throwback who is fresh. She brings tinges of 70s and 80s female pop along with a soulfulness and smooth tone that is inherent in her vocal style. Some have called Jordyn the Gen Z version 90s Girl Power. Compared to some of todays more derivative artists she bridges that elusive gap between classic Pop, Rock, and Soul. But in spite of certain comparisons, Jordyn is a true original.

When asked about her process, Jordyn describes herself as meticulous and her perfectionism comes through in her work. When she talked about the fact that she spends most of her day writing, it is not a surprise that she has a difficult time slowing down. Jordyn has multiple projects on the go and Fool of Me will likely be the light that will allow her to shine on the world stage.



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